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Conference Interpretation
Same message – different language.

The spoken word is a highly individual and personal form of communication. Speakers of different languages need to be confident that their message will “come across”. This requires the highest quality of:

  • simultaneous interpretation
  • consecutive interpretation
  • escort interpretation
  • whispering (“chuchotage”)

Whether working as a team or individually,
we know how to promote understanding.

At Quadriga – Language Experts Berlin, we are committed to making every event a success.
Quadriga is based in Berlin.
We bring a modern, professional and responsive solution for you conference interpreting needs.
Quadriga – Language Experts Berlin offer a full-service conference interpreting service throughout Germany.
We provide a two-man team of highly skilled, professional conference interpreters in the languages you require. These are in particular, German, English, French, Spanish and Russian.
The Quadriga experts are Gyda Thurow, Claudia Heiduk, Catherine Petersons und Ilka Marsh.
Our expert interpreter will help determine your specific conference application. We will custom build a system that is right for you and your budgetary needs.
To receive a quote for your next event, fill out our quick and easy Quote Form.
At Quadrigalex we have developed an extensive network of highly skilled professional conference interpreters.
Our interpreters have vast experience in simultaneous conference interpretation.
Our interpreters work in teams of two per language. This team composition is used to achieve the highest quality of interpretation for your event, meeting, congress, conference, workshop or seminar.
We pride ourselves on providing a language service with a personal touch.